Bosna Petroleum Company > Project 4002: EPC Installaton of Electrical System and Navigation Lights at El Sharara Airstrip


It is a turn-key project involving construction of electrical system and navigation lighting system of El Sharara Airport, Libya.

BPC project’s responsibility is consisted of detailed design, engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning and putting into operation while ensuring safety, reliability, operability and maintainability of the system.

The work involves furnishing all labor, supervision and provision of all services necessary for the completion of electrical, mechanical and civil works, all according to international recognized standards specified for oil and gas industry.

For power supply of El-Sharara Airport area, new electrical building will be constructed near the existing Departure building and existing parking area. New electrical building will be power supplied by means of new MV cable 11 kV from CCX existing switchgear building. Cable shall be layed underground.

New electrical building shall be equiped with MV switchgear EH-809 from where it will power supply a 500 kVA power transformer, LV switchboard which will further on power the consumers such as fuel pumps, departure building, new distrubution boards, navigation lighting system, etc.

Apart from power supply from AKAKUS power grid by means of new 500 kVA transformer, new electrical building shall be also supplied by its own Caterpillar’s C32 diesel electrical generator, positioned next to the new electrical building completed with external fuel tank, with capacity of 3.500 liters.

Power supply will be regulated by means of automatic transfer switch (ATS) that will be installed within LV switchboard at incoming section.

New distribution board will power supply new navigation system equipment including constant current regulators, navigation contol system and field equipment (apron floodlights, wind cone, LED guidance signs, PAPI, runway edge lights, approach lights, threshhold, taxyway edge and apron lights, runway end lights, turning pad lights, etc.)

Customer Akakus Oil Operations

Location El Sharara, Libya

Sector Oil and Gas

Category Electrical, Mechanical, Civil

Start September 2013

Status Completed