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To successfully complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects, and other related services for the Energy, Oil and Gas sectors while meeting the expectations of our customers, business partners, employees and society in general.



Our vision is to become one of the global leaders in the fields of engineering, procurement and construction services in the oil and gas, petrochemical, energy industries.



We have built our strategy to help us achieve our business purpose. Our strategic choises are:

  • with a sense of social responsibility, the environment and people, create value for customers, business partners and shareholders
  • deliver exceptional value to our customers, help them grow and provide the services they want through the projects we build for them
  • deliver services in a safe and professionally managed project environment
  • meet and exceed our client’s expectations to strengthen our long term partnerships
  • Grow our international portfolio by leveraging our core capabilities for engineering, procurement and construction support services
  • keep our personnel satisfied, healthy and safe.